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NDFD Web Service's Icon/Weather Conditions XML fields


Below is a list of all possible fields for the NDFD Web Service's Icons.

For DWML, these field values are in the <conditions-icon> child element

For TSML, these field values are in the <CategoryList> child element


In the NDFD Web Service’s 12 hourly and 24 hourly summary products:

For DWML, the <weather-conditions> element (a child element of the
<weather> element) can have the attribute "weather-summary".

For TSML, for the weather parameter, the <gml:valueComponent> element
has the attribute xlink:title="Weather Summary".

In the NDFD Web Service’s time-series and glance products there is no weather summary. However, for all four products, the weather can be broken up into components.

For DWML, under the <weather-conditions> element, a child element <value> can exist if there is active weather occurring. Subsequent attributes of the <value> element are:


Here is an example:

<weather-conditions weather-summary="Rain/Sleet Likely">
  <value coverage="likely" intensity="light" weather-type="rain" qualifier="none"/>
  <value coverage="likely" intensity="light" additive="and" weather-type="snow" qualifier="none"/>
  <value coverage="likely" intensity="light" additive="and" weather-type="ice pellets"    qualifier="none"/>

For TSML, the weather components will be found in the <gml:valueComponent> element's attribute. They include:

xlink:title="Weather-Coverage (#)"
xlink:title="Weather-Type (#)"
xlink:title="Weather-Qualifier (#)"
xlink:title="Weather-Additive (#)"

Below is a list of all possible options for the five attributes for weather's "coverage", "intensity", "weather-type", "additive", and "qualifier" (NOTE, only the field values apply to TSML, as the schema, currently, is less stringent than DWML's):


<xsd:attribute name="coverage" use="optional">
  <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
  <xsd:enumeration value="slight chance"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="chance"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="likely"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="occasional"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="definitely"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="isolated"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="scattered"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="numerous"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="patchy"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="areas"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="widespread"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="periods of"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="frequent"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="intermittent"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="brief"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="none"/>


<xsd:attribute name="weather-type" use="optional">
  <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
  <xsd:enumeration value="freezing drizzle"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="freezing rain"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="snow showers"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="blowing snow"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="blowing dust"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="rain showers"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="ice pellets"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="frosts"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="rain"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="hail"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="snow"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="thunderstorms"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="drizzle"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="fog"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="haze"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="smoke"/>


<xsd:attribute name="intensity" use="optional">
  <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
  <xsd:enumeration value="very light"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="light"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="moderate"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="heavy"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="none"/>
  <xsd:attribute name="additive" use="optional">
  <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
  <xsd:enumeration value="and"/>
  <xsd:enumeration value="or"/>


<xsd:attribute name="qualifier" use="optional">
  <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
  <xsd:pattern value="(\p{L}* ?\p{L}*)?(,\p{L}+ ?\p{L}*)*"/>

The following is a list of all possible fields for the <weather-conditions> attribute “weather-summary”:


Mostly Sunny
Partly Sunny
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Clear
Partly Cloudy
Increasing Clouds
Decreasing Clouds
Becoming Cloudy
Gradual Clearing
Clearing Late
Becoming Sunny
Patchy Fog
Dense Fog
Areas Fog
Blowing Snow
Blowing Dust
Blowing Sand
Patchy Haze
Areas Haze
Patchy Ice Crystals
Areas Ice Crystals
Ice Crystals
Patchy Ice Fog
Areas Ice Fog
Ice Fog
Patchy Freezing Fog
Areas Freezing Fog
Freezing Fog
Freezing Spray
Patchy Smoke
Areas Smoke
Patchy Frost
Areas Frost
Patchy Ash
Areas Ash
Volcanic Ash
Slight Chance Sleet
Chance Sleet
Sleet Likely
Slight Chance Rain Showers
Chance Rain Showers
Rain Showers Likely
Rain Showers
Slight Chance Rain
Chance Rain
Rain Likely
Heavy Rain
Slight Chance Drizzle
Chance Drizzle
Drizzle Likely
Slight Chance Snow Showers
Chance Snow Showers
Snow Showers Likely
Snow Showers
Slight Chance Flurries
Chance Flurries
Flurries Likely
Slight Chance Snow
Chance Snow
Snow Likely
Slight Chance Rain/Snow
Chance Rain/Snow
Rain/Snow Likely
Slight Chance Freezing Rain
Chance Freezing Rain
Freezing Rain Likely
Freezing Rain
Slight Chance Freezing Drizzle
Chance Freezing Drizzle
Freezing Drizzle Likely
Freezing Drizzle
Slight Chance Wintry Mix
Chance Wintry Mix
Wintry Mix Likely
Wintry Mix
Slight Chance Rain/Freezing Rain
Chance Rain/Freezing Rain
Rain/Freezing Rain Likely
Rain/Freezing Rain
Slight Chance Wintry Mix
Chance Wintry Mix
Wintry Mix Likely
Wintry Mix
Slight Chance Rain/Sleet
Chance Rain/Sleet
Rain/Sleet Likely
Slight Chance Snow/Sleet
Chance Snow/Sleet
Snow/Sleet Likely
Isolated Thunderstorms
Slight Chance Thunderstorms
Chance Thunderstorms
Thunderstorms Likely
Severe Tstms
Water Spouts

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